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Flit.io collects, categorizes and manages your content automatically.

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Imagine that your content reader automatically sifts your incoming feeds, separating content by the topics that are most important to you.

  • No more hours wasted wading through low value content - you never even have to look at it.
  • You sit down to work on a content marketing campaign and within 2 minutes, you’ve found a great article your readers will love. Two clicks and it’s on it’s way to your twitter account.
  • Next, you see an image that reminds you of a blog post you want to write. In two clicks, it’s in a folder ready for you to review when you’re sit down to write.
  • Finally, you want to research a trend that a friend suggested might be developing in your market.
  • Five minutes later, you can see that he’s right and it’s even bigger than he thought…

You’re ahead of your market! You can’t wait to show your boss.

How It Works

The Flit.io brain delivers the content you want to your reader. As you use Flit.io, it learns what you want so it actually gets smarter over time. While you’re busy curating and creating great content, the Flit.io brain is keeping track of the content in your market and makes that market intelligence available to you.


Instead of just dumping your incoming feeds into your inbox, Flit.io sorts your incoming content into folders based on what you’ve identified is important to your market.


Then, and this is the real magic, Flit.io eliminates the low value content (this may be 90% or more of the incoming content) so you never even have to look at it.


With Flit.io your related content is all collected in one place, so it's easy for you to create original content that matters to your market.


Say good-bye to spreadsheets. Flit.io keeps track of the social sources of your content.


Flit.io makes publishing easy by creating outgoing feeds that publish when and where you want them to.


The Flit.io brain helps you identify trends in your market when they are just beginning, giving your organization the opportunity to position for optimal impact.

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