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FLITIO collects, categorizes and manages content feeds automatically, freeing you to focus on what makes your audience listen – your insight perspective and advice..

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Imagine browsing the 30 most relevant sites to you and your market, but today the 78% "irrelevant fluff" isn't there. You just saved a ton of time! Don't worry we didn't break the internet; it's still there if you have more time.

  • No more hours wasted wading through low-value content - Now, you never even see it.
  • You sit down to work on a Content Marketing Campaign, within 2 minutes, you’ve found a great article your readers will love. Two clicks, it’s on it’s way to Twitter.
  • Next, you see an image that reminds you of a blog post you want to write. In two clicks and a few strokes on the keyboard, it's in a folder with your notes, adding items as you see them, they’ll be ready when you sit down to write.
  • Moving to research a trend that a friend suggested might be developing in your market.
  • Five minutes later, you can see that she’s right and even more pervasive than she thought…

You’re ahead of your market! You're showing up your competition and can’t wait to see how far.

How FLITIO Works

FLITIO's brains collect the content you want to deliver to your readers. As you use FLITIO, it learns what you want, so it gets smarter over time. While you’re busy curating and creating compelling content, the FLITIO brains are keeping track of what's published in your market and makes the relevant market intelligence available for you.


Instead of just dumping your incoming feeds into your inbox, FLITIO sorts your incoming content into folders based on what you’ve identified is essential to your market.


Then, and this is the real magic, FLITIO eliminates the low-value content so you never even have to look at it (usually well over 90%).


With FLITIO your related content is sorted and collated, so it's easy for you to research and create original content that matters to your market.


Say "bye-bye" to spreadsheets. FLITIO keeps track of the Social Sources for the content your audience cares about.


FLITIO makes publishing easy by creating outgoing feeds that post when and where you want them to.


The FLITIO's brains help you identify trends in your market when they are just beginning, giving your organization the opportunity to position for optimal impact.

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